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How It Works

1) Book an Appointment

  • ALL bookings must be done online with a $25 Non Refundable Deposit - BOOK NOW

  • Booking calendar allows you to reserve your bay based on availability

  • Please book the bay either for 8 hours or 24 hours

  • Unsure how much time you will need? Call 407-574-3404 or email and we will use online tools to research vehicle specific "book hours" if available.

  • Tap "Book Now" above or below for Pricing and Availability

2) Check-In at Front Desk

  • Park out front and check in with a Supreme Team Member. Show valid ID, team member employee will review a liability waiver for signature, safety procedures, and check out process, tablet usage and payment.

3) Bring Vehicle Into Shop

  • Wait for Supreme team member to open the bay door and pull your vehicle into your bay.

4) Time

  • When renting for 8 hours your assigned time is 10am - 6pm ONLY.  The vehicle must be removed from the bay or you will incur a $50 charge.  No exceptions.

  • When renting for 24hrs your time is 10am - 10am the following day.  If vehicle is not removed from the bay by 10am the following day you will incur a $50 charge if vehicle is removed before noon and a $100 if removed from bay after.  No exceptions.

  • We understand that surprises come up, we ask that you notify the front desk so we can work with you to decide the best way to proceed for you and the next appointment in line.


5) Perform Work

  • Complete your project

  • Spot Free Water is included. Please ask Supreme team member for assistance

6) Bay Cleaning/Return

  • You are responsible for leaving they bay as found.

  • Please pick up any debris you may have caused during your rental time

  • By working together we will keep your garage clean and organized for every appointment

  • If your check-out inspection shows that you did not reasonably clean the bay, a $25.00 cleaning fee will be added to your invoice.

7) Check-Out

  • Supreme Team member will inspect the bay

  • Notify team member of any discount or promo codes that you have to apply toward your invoice.

  • You will be charged based on your online reservation and time as noted on step #4

Car Garage
DIY Polishing and Paint Correction
Orlando Bay


Do not allow weather to limit your income potential, THE BAY saves you TIME, MONEY, and AGGRAVATION.

Included with your Bay Rental

  • Air conditioned, well organized, clean shop

  • Spot Free Water

Are you....

  • Limited at home by HOA or Neighborhood rules?

  • Frustrated paying a shop for jobs you can do yourself?

  • More satisfied when you do the work yourself?

  • A car club looking to work together as a group or need a place to hold meetings and/or classes for your club?

  • A professional mobile detailer who wants to be able to work at a comfortable environment?

Then WE are the SHOP for YOU!

  • *$100 10-6pm 8hrs or $150 10am-10am 24hrs * $25 Non-refundable deposit

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    8 hr

    From 100 US dollars
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