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Ceramic Coating at Supreme Detailing Superstore


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Supreme Detailing Ceramic Coating Class


Our Ceramic Coating Training program provides an in-depth look into the world of ceramic coatings. Our experienced instructors will teach you the skills and techniques necessary to properly install ceramic coatings, enabling you to provide the highest quality service to your customers. With our training, you’ll be able to confidently and safely apply ceramic coatings to all types of surfaces.

The more you know the more successful you will be!

Don't limit your income.  Become a Certified Ceramic Coating Installer at Supreme Detailing Superstore
  • Ceramic coating, also known as nano-ceramic coating or ceramic paint coating, is a liquid polymer that is applied to the exterior of vehicles or other surfaces to provide protection and enhancement. It is made up of nanoparticles of silica dioxide, which forms a transparent and durable layer when it bonds with the surface.

  • The primary purpose of ceramic coating is to create a protective barrier against various environmental contaminants and hazards that can damage the surface of a vehicle. It can protect against UV rays, oxidation, acid rain, bird droppings, tree sap, and other substances that can cause paint damage or staining.

  • Ceramic coating is highly hydrophobic, meaning it repels water and liquids. This property helps in preventing water spots and makes it easier to clean the surface as dirt and grime have a harder time sticking to the coating. Additionally, the coating provides a glossy and smooth finish, enhancing the overall appearance of the vehicle.

  • It's important to note that ceramic coating is not a substitute for regular maintenance, such as washing and waxing. While it provides an extra layer of protection, it does not make the surface completely invulnerable to damage. Regular cleaning and care are still necessary to maintain the coating's effectiveness and longevity.

  • Ceramic coatings can be professionally applied by automotive detailing specialists or purchased as do-it-yourself kits. The application process typically involves thorough cleaning and preparation of the surface, followed by the application of the coating using an applicator or spray. The coating is then left to cure for a specific period to bond with the surface and form a protective layer.


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